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8 November 2023

Finalist Privacy Picasso Awards—Outstanding Data Protection Officer (DPO)

I’m honoured and humbled to be recognised as a finalist of the 2023 European PICASSO Privacy Awards for ‘Outstanding Data Protection Officer’. 🙏

However, I must emphasise the significance of anyone’s commitment and contribution to safeguarding our personal information and protecting our privacy as a fundamental right. In fact, our joint and widespread efforts are vital to building trust and preserving our humanity.

In short, let’s continue to move forward together while remaining vigilant of any practices that may harm individuals or reduce them to sheer data points, whether intentional or not. If anything, let’s strive towards empowering a brighter future that bridges our differences and unites us.

Join or learn more about the upcoming PICCASO (Privacy, InfoSec, Culture Change & Awareness Societal Organisation) Privacy Awards in London:

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