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A sassy defender against the dark (cyber) arts

Victoria van Roosmalen focuses on empowering a brighter future. She drives to foster safety and the right to privacy in the ever-evolving cyber realm by navigating others towards thoughtful outcomes and elegant solutions. Victoria invests in sharing and elevating her expertise in IT, security, and data protection—including the intersection with relevant laws and regulations.

She speaks at conferences across Europe, serves the IAPP, and sits on numerous boards as a trusted advisor. Victoria holds prestigious industry certifications, educates students in her areas of expertise, and helps forge (new) industry standards and materials—such as from NIST and the EDPB. In 2019, she was first recognised for making “significant contributions to the security and privacy sectors”.

Victoria fuels her passion for mastering her crafts by diving deep into various subject matters. It empowers her to uncover flaws rapidly, (fore)see adverse effects, and defend against threats and the dark arts—whether deeply technical or psychological. Although playing safe doesn’t allow us to flourish, Victoria is determined to help others stay ahead of the curve and reveal the seemingly impossible yet possible.

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  1. Victoria was lovely to work with! She was a great Chairperson for TechEx ‘Cyber Security & Cloud Expo’ Europe. Victoria interacted with the audience and facilitated many Q&A’s, her experience and knowledge really added to our agenda. We would love to welcome her to our future events!
    Maisie Amos,
    Senior Conference Producer

Areas of expertise

Challenging the status quo


Helping others to bring out the best version of themselves and celebrating their unique talents—yielding exceptional results.

Security & privacy governance

Cultivating a safe environment, in every sense possible, and harmoniously facilitating the means to satisfy all stakeholders needs.


Limiting disruptions by adopting secure coding and operations practices—stimulating our ability to continue to deliver fast.

Incident management

Taking back control and turning unexpected events into new learning opportunities—never waste a good incident.

Ethical hacking

Switching to a hacker mindset—enabling a new perspective to protect against vulnerabilities in applications, systems, and infrastructure.


Promoting a safer future that benefits everyone and eliminating resistance—compliance is no longer a goal but a driven outcome.

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